Best Courses after 12th – For Science, Commerce and Arts Students


The phase after completing the 12th standard is a pivotal moment in a student’s life, where choices made can significantly shape their academic and professional journey. With a plethora of options available, students from diverse streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts – can embark on distinct yet equally rewarding pathways. These Courses after 12th open up doors to specialized knowledge, skill development, and promising career opportunities. For Science enthusiasts, the horizon is brimming with options. Engineering courses like Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering are perennial favorites, offering a blend of technical prowess and innovation. Medicine and Allied Sciences, including MBBS, Nursing, and Pharmacy, cater to those passionate about healthcare. The realm of pure sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology also beckons, leading to careers in research, academia, and technology.

Commerce students are spoilt for choice too. The world of Finance offers courses like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), grooming them for the dynamic financial sector. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) with specializations in Banking, Accounting, and Economics remains a strong foundation for various domains. Furthermore, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Hotel Management courses provide insights into the management and hospitality sectors, respectively. Arts students can take an equally successful trajectory. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) with specializations in Literature, Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science opens avenues in civil services, media, writing, and research. Visual and Performing Arts courses including Fine Arts, Music, Dance, and Theatre offer creative outlets, both on and off stage. For those intrigued by language and communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, and Public Relations courses present diverse platforms.

In the digital age, emerging fields like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning cut across streams, offering promising prospects. Short-term certification courses and vocational training provide students with specialized skills to complement their chosen domains. Selecting the right Course after 12th demands thoughtful consideration. Factors like personal interests, strengths, and long-term goals play a pivotal role. Consulting career counselors, researching on course content, and assessing the potential job market can aid informed decision-making. It’s important to remember that passion and dedication often lead to success, regardless of the chosen field.

How to Find the Best Courses After 12th 

Navigating the multitude of options for courses after completing the 12th standard can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Making the right choice requires a blend of introspection, research, and practical consideration. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find the best courses after 12th that align with your interests, skills, and aspirations:

1. Self-Assessment: Begin by understanding your strengths, interests, and passions. Reflect on subjects you enjoyed during your 12th standard and activities that ignite your curiosity. Consider your personality traits and aptitude to determine the fields that resonate with you.

2. Research: Explore various fields of study available after 12th across streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts. Investigate the syllabus, curriculum, and career prospects of different courses. Use reputable educational websites, college prospectuses, and online forums to gather information.

3. Career Goals: Define your long-term career goals. Research industries that intrigue you and the qualifications required to excel in them. Determine whether the course you’re considering aligns with your desired career trajectory.

4. Market Demand: Investigate the demand for professionals in your chosen field. Certain industries might have higher job opportunities and growth potential. Opting for a course with good market demand can enhance your employability.

5. Skill Match: Assess the skills you’ll acquire during the course. Evaluate whether these skills complement your strengths and future career needs. Courses that align with your natural talents are likely to bring more success and job satisfaction.

6. Consult Counselors: Seek guidance from career counselors or mentors who can provide personalized insights based on your profile. They can help you explore your options and suggest courses that match your aspirations.

7. College Reputation: Research colleges or universities offering the courses you’re interested in. Consider factors like faculty expertise, infrastructure, placement history, and industry connections. A reputable institution can enhance your learning experience and career prospects.

8. Internships and Practical Exposure: Look for courses that offer internships, practical training, or industry projects. Hands-on experience can give you a realistic view of your chosen field and help you develop practical skills.

9. Networking: Connect with professionals already working in your desired field. Attend seminars, workshops, and industry events to gain insights into the real-world applications of the course you’re considering.

10. Financial Consideration: Evaluate the cost of the course, including tuition fees, study materials, and living expenses. Consider whether scholarships, loans, or part-time jobs are viable options to manage expenses.

11. Future Prospects: Research the potential career paths and job roles that the course can lead to. Investigate the growth prospects, earning potential, and stability of these roles.

12. Flexibility and Specializations: Some courses offer flexibility to specialize in specific areas. Consider whether the course allows you to tailor your studies to align with your interests and career goals.

13. Long-Term Value: Look beyond immediate job opportunities and assess the long-term value of the course. Consider whether the knowledge and skills gained will remain relevant and adaptable in a rapidly evolving job market.

14. Passion and Motivation: Ultimately, choose a course that you’re genuinely passionate about. A course that ignites your enthusiasm will likely drive you to excel and overcome challenges.

Remember that the journey of selecting the best course after 12th is personal and unique. Take your time, gather information, and make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations and sets you on a path toward a fulfilling and successful career.

Best Course After 12th for Girls!

Choosing the right course after completing 12th grade is a crucial step toward building a successful career. This overview aims to highlight the best courses after 12th and specifically focuses on the top course options for girls. Empowering girls with knowledge and skills, these courses offer diverse career opportunities. Each course is accompanied by a unique overview, duration, and approximate fee in INR to assist aspiring female students in making informed decisions about their future.

Best Courses for Girls After 12th:-

1. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech): B.Tech is a popular choice among girls aspiring for a career in engineering and technology. It offers specializations in various fields such as Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, and more. The program equips students with the technical skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 3-10 lakhs depending on the institution.

2. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): MBBS is a sought-after course for girls interested in pursuing a career in medicine. It focuses on imparting medical knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a qualified doctor. This course opens doors to opportunities in healthcare, research, and specialization.

  • Duration: 5.5 years (including 1 year of internship)
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 10-50 lakhs depending on the institution.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): BBA is an excellent choice for girls interested in pursuing management and business-related careers. It provides a comprehensive understanding of business principles, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and more. This course lays a strong foundation for managerial roles and offers various specialization options.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 1-5 lakhs depending on the institution.

4. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism and Mass Communication: BA in Journalism and Mass Communication is an exciting field for girls with a passion for media, communication, and storytelling. It offers comprehensive knowledge of journalism ethics, media production, public relations, and digital media. This course opens doors to careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, and digital media.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 1-5 lakhs depending on the institution.

5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biotechnology: B.Sc. in Biotechnology is an ideal choice for girls interested in the field of life sciences. This course covers subjects such as genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. It provides a solid foundation for careers in research and development, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and healthcare.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Approximate Fee (INR): Varies from 2-8 lakhs depending on the institution.

Please note that the fee mentioned is an approximate range and can vary based on the institution, location, and other factors. It is recommended to research specific colleges and universities for accurate and up-to-date information on course fees.

Best High-Salary Courses After 12th for PCM Girls:-

For girls with a background in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM), there are numerous lucrative career paths available. This overview focuses on the best course after 12th for PCM girls that offer high-salary prospects. These courses provide a strong foundation in science and technology, equipping students with the skills required for well-paying careers. Each course is accompanied by a unique overview, duration, and approximate fee in INR to help aspiring female students make informed decisions about their future.

Best Courses for PCM Girls After 12th with High Salaries:-

1. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)/Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech):- B.E./B. Tech offers a wide range of specializations in engineering fields like Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, and more. These courses equip students with in-depth technical knowledge and skills, paving the way for high-paying job opportunities in industries such as IT, manufacturing, and construction.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 3-10 lakhs depending on the institution.

2. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch):- B.Arch is an excellent choice for girls interested in the field of architecture. This course focuses on design principles, structural engineering, building materials, and project management. Architects can earn attractive salaries in architectural firms, construction companies, and urban planning organizations.

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 3-12 lakhs depending on the institution.

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm):- B.Pharm is a course for girls interested in the pharmaceutical industry. It covers subjects like pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug formulation, and quality control. Graduates can find employment in pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and government agencies, with opportunities for high salaries.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 2-8 lakhs depending on the institution.

4. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Data Science:- B.Sc. in Data Science is a rapidly growing field that combines mathematics, statistics, and programming to extract valuable insights from data. Data scientists are in high demand across industries such as IT, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, with attractive salary packages.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Approximate Fee: Varies from 2-6 lakhs depending on the institution.

Best High-Salary Courses After 12th Commerce with Computer Applications

Pursuing a course after 12th Commerce with Computer Applications that leads to a high-salary career requires careful consideration of your interests, skills, and market demand. Here are some high-paying course options that you can explore:

Best Courses for Commerce with Computer Applications After 12th with High Salaries:-

Courses Overview
Finance or AccountingSpecializing in Finance or Accounting within a B.Com program can lead to roles like Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Financial Analyst.
BBA in FinanceBBA with a focus on Finance equips you with skills in financial management, investment analysis, and risk assessment. Graduates often find opportunities in banking, investment firms, and corporate finance departments.
Banking and InsuranceThis specialization prepares you for roles in the banking and insurance sectors. With the growth of financial services, professionals in these fields are in demand, offering attractive remuneration.
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)This globally recognized program focuses on investment management and financial analysis. CFAs are sought after for roles in investment banking, portfolio management, and equity research.
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)CMAs specialize in management accounting and strategic financial management. They play a vital role in decision-making within organizations and often command high salaries.
Actuarial ScienceActuaries analyze financial risks using mathematical and statistical methods. They are crucial in insurance companies and financial institutions, earning competitive salaries due to their specialized expertise.
Data Science and AnalyticsWith the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, pursuing courses or certifications in Data Science, Big Data Analytics, or Business Analytics can lead to high-paying roles as Data Analysts or Data Scientists.
IT ManagementCombining Commerce with IT Management can lead to roles like IT Manager or Project Manager, overseeing technology implementations and strategies within organizations.
Digital Marketing and E-commerceAs businesses move online, professionals skilled in Digital Marketing and E-commerce management are in high demand. Roles in this field can offer good earning potential.
Certified Public Accountant Similar to CA but with a focus on international accounting standards, CPAs are sought after by multinational corporations and auditing firms.
Financial Planning and Wealth ManagementThis specialization involves assisting individuals and families with their financial goals, including investment planning, retirement planning, and tax optimization.
Supply Chain ManagementIn a globalized market, efficient supply chain management is crucial. Professionals in this field manage the flow of goods, services, and information, often earning well for their expertise.

When choosing a course, consider your strengths, interests, and long-term goals. Research each option thoroughly, including potential job roles, industry trends, and salary ranges. It’s also important to remember that salary potential often grows with experience and expertise, so continuous learning and skill development are essential for sustained high earnings.

Discover the Best High-Salary Course After 12th Arts and Humanities in India

The landscape of education has evolved, transcending traditional boundaries and embracing the diverse potential of various fields. For students who have completed their 12th standard in Arts and Humanities, the options are no longer limited to traditional career paths. The modern job market values creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and a broader perspective that Arts and Humanities graduates inherently possess. As a result, there are several high-salary courses available in India that cater to these skill sets and passions.

1. Mass Communication and Journalism: The power of media and communication has surged in the digital age. Mass Communication and Journalism programs prepare students for roles in print, digital, and broadcast media. With the rise of content creation platforms and news outlets, skilled communicators are in demand, and this demand often translates into competitive salaries.

2. Digital Marketing and Advertising: In the age of the Internet, businesses rely heavily on digital marketing strategies to reach their audience. Specialized courses in Digital Marketing and Advertising can equip students to excel in roles like Social Media Managers, Content Creators, and Digital Marketing Strategists, which can offer substantial earning potential.

3. Graphic Design and Animation: As the demand for visually appealing content increases across industries, skilled graphic designers and animators find themselves at the forefront. Creative and artistic individuals can turn their passion into lucrative careers through roles in advertising, entertainment, and more.

4. Public Relations (PR) and Event Management: Public Relations professionals manage the image and reputation of organizations. Event Managers coordinate large-scale events. Both fields offer opportunities for high earnings, especially as brands and companies recognize the value of effective communication and strategic event planning.

5. Foreign Languages: In an increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in foreign languages is a valuable asset. Translators, interpreters, and language specialists often command higher salaries due to their specialized skills that bridge communication gaps.

6. Hospitality and Hotel Management: The hospitality industry is expanding rapidly, offering roles in hotel management, event planning, and catering. High-end hotels and luxury resorts seek professionals who can provide exceptional guest experiences, leading to attractive remuneration packages.

7. Human Resources (HR): Effective human resource management is essential for organizational success. HR professionals are responsible for talent acquisition, employee engagement, and organizational development. Specialized courses in HR can lead to well-paying roles in various industries.

8. Culinary Arts: Culinary enthusiasts can turn their passion for cooking into a rewarding career. Culinary schools offer programs that train students in the art of cooking and food presentation, leading to roles in fine dining restaurants, hotels, and catering services.

9. Creative Writing and Content Creation: With the surge in digital content consumption, skilled writers and content creators are highly sought after. Whether it’s writing for websites, blogs, or even creating scripts, these roles offer opportunities for flexible work arrangements and the potential for high income.

10. Performing Arts and Entertainment Management: For those passionate about the performing arts, courses in music, dance, theater, and entertainment management can lead to diverse opportunities, including performing, teaching, arts administration, and event management.

The key to succeeding in these high-salary courses lies in combining passion with practicality. Students should choose courses that align with their interests and strengths while considering the market demand and industry trends. Continuous learning, networking, and honing relevant skills can help Arts and Humanities graduates carve out successful and financially rewarding careers in today’s dynamic job market.

Top 10 Courses After 12th Commerce with High Salaries

Best Courses after 12th – For Science, Commerce and Arts Students

Selecting a course after 12th Commerce that leads to a high salary requires considering factors like demand, specialization, and industry trends. Here are some courses along with their potential salary ranges:

CoursesSalary Range lakh per annumDetails
Chartered Accountancy (CA)₹6 lakh to ₹30+Chartered Accountants are highly respected professionals who specialize in accounting, auditing, and taxation.
Company Secretary (CS)5 lakh to ₹15+Company Secretaries ensure legal compliance and corporate governance within organizations.
Cost and Management Accountancy₹5 lakh to ₹20+ CMAs specialize in cost management, budgeting, and strategic financial planning.
Bachelor of Business Administration₹3 lakh to ₹15+BBA graduates can enter diverse fields like marketing, human resources, finance, and operations management.
B.Com in Finance or Accounting₹3 lakh to ₹10+Graduates can work in financial roles like financial analysis, investment banking, and accounting.
Hotel Management₹3 lakh to ₹15+Hotel managers, chefs, and event planners can earn well, especially in luxury establishments.
Digital Marketing₹3 lakh to ₹15+Digital marketers skilled in SEO, social media, and content creation can command high salaries.
Actuarial Science₹4 lahks to ₹20+Actuaries assess financial risks and are in demand in the insurance and financial sectors.
Data Science and Analytics₹4 lakh to ₹20+Data Scientists and Analysts who can analyze and interpret data are sought after in various industries.
Foreign Languages Specialist₹3 lakh to ₹10+Proficiency in foreign languages can lead to roles like translators, interpreters, and language experts.

Remember, these salary ranges can vary based on factors such as experience, location, company size, and individual performance. While a high salary is a desirable outcome, it’s equally important to choose a course that aligns with your strengths, interests, and long-term career goals.

The Best Courses After 12th for High Salaries

The best courses after 12th for high salaries encompass a diverse range of options that cater to various interests and skills. Here are some prominent courses that can lead to lucrative career paths:

CoursesAbout the course
Engineering (B.Tech/BE)Specialize in fields like Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil Engineering to secure well-paying roles in technology and infrastructure sectors.
Medicine (MBBS)Pursue a career in medical science as a doctor, offering not only substantial earnings but also the chance to contribute to healthcare.
Chartered Accountancy (CA)Becoming a CA involves mastering financial matters, leading to high-paying roles in accounting, auditing, and financial management.
Data Science and AnalyticsWith businesses relying heavily on data-driven decisions, data scientists and analysts are in demand, offering competitive remuneration.
Management (BBA/MBA)Management professionals command impressive salaries in various sectors, including finance, marketing, and human resources.
Petroleum EngineeringThis specialized field focuses on extracting and processing oil and gas, offering attractive compensation due to its importance in energy production.
Investment BankingGraduates with financial acumen can excel in investment banking, managing mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions.
Commercial Pilot TrainingAspiring pilots can earn substantial salaries, especially after gaining experience and flying for reputable airlines.
Actuarial ScienceProfessionals who assess financial risks for insurance and investment sectors can enjoy high earning potential.
Computer Science (B.Sc/M.Sc)A career in computer science can lead to roles in software development, artificial intelligence, and IT management, with competitive salaries.

Remember that while salary potential is important, it’s also crucial to choose a course that aligns with your interests, strengths, and long-term goals. Thorough research and understanding the industry trends and job opportunities in your chosen field will help you make an informed decision.

Best Courses After 12th Arts with High Salary:

For students who have completed their 12th standard in Arts, there are several courses that offer high-salary prospects. Some of the prominent options include Mass Communication and Journalism, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Animation, Foreign Languages, Public Relations, Event Management, Hotel Management, Human Resources Management, and Creative Writing and Content Creation. These courses enable individuals to leverage their creative skills and communication abilities, paving the way for well-paying careers across diverse industries.

here are some of the best courses after 12th Arts with the potential for high salaries, along with approximate salary ranges:

S No.CoursesSalary Range lakh per annum
1Mass Communication and Journalism₹3 lakh to ₹10+ lakh
2Digital Marketing₹3 lakh to ₹12+ lakh 
3Graphic Design and Animation₹2.5 lakh to ₹8+ lakh 
4Foreign Languages Specialist₹3 lakh to ₹8+ lakh 
5Public Relations (PR)₹3.5 lakh to ₹10+ lakh
6Event Management₹3 lakh to ₹12+ lakh
7Hotel Management₹3.5 lakh to ₹10+ lakh 
8Human Resources (HR) Management₹3 lakh to ₹10+ lakh
9Creative Writing and Content Creation₹2.5 lakh to ₹8+ lakh 
10Fashion Designing₹3.5 lakh to ₹12+ lakh

Best Courses After 12th PCM for Girls with High Salary:

For female students who have completed their 12th standard with a PCM background, there is a wide range of courses that align with their interests and goals. Some excellent options include Engineering (B.Tech/BE) with various specializations, Medicine (MBBS), Computer Science (B.Sc/M.Sc), Architecture (B.Arch), Data Science and Analytics, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Pure Sciences, and Management (BBA/MBA) with focus on sectors like Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance. These courses empower girls to excel in diverse fields and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Here are some of the best courses after 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) for girls, along with approximate salary ranges:

S No.CoursesSalary Range lakh per annum
1Engineering (B.Tech/BE)₹4 lakh to ₹20+ lakh
2Medicine (MBBS)₹8 lakh to ₹40+ lakh
3Architecture (B.Arch)₹4.5 lakh to ₹15+ lakh
4Computer Science (B.Sc/M.Sc)₹3.5 lakh to ₹20+ 
5Data Science and Analytics₹5 lakh to ₹25+ lakh
6Aeronautical Engineering₹5 lakh to ₹25+ lakh
7Actuarial Science₹4.5 lakh to ₹20+ lakh 
8Commercial Pilot Training₹10 lakh to ₹40+ lakh
9Petroleum Engineering₹6 lakh to ₹30+ lakh
10Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electronics₹3.5 lakh to ₹15+ lakh
11Chartered Accountancy (CA)₹6 lakh to ₹30+ lakh

Top 10 Courses for PCM Students

For students who have pursued Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) in their 12th standard, there are numerous exciting and promising course options available. Here are the top 10 courses for PCM students that can lead to diverse career opportunities:

1. Engineering (B.Tech/BE):

  • Pursue various engineering disciplines like Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Aerospace, and more.
  • Engineering graduates are in high demand across industries and can work in design, research, development, and management roles.

2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Pure Sciences:

  • Specialize in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or other pure sciences.
  • Opens doors to research, academia, and even interdisciplinary fields like data science and artificial intelligence.

3. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Computer Science:

  • Focus on computer programming, algorithms, and software development.
  • Provides opportunities in IT, software development, app development, and more.

4. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch):

  • Explore the world of architectural design and planning.
  • Architectural professionals design buildings and structures, combining creativity with technical skills.

5. Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan):

  • Learn urban planning and development, focusing on creating sustainable and well-designed urban spaces.

6. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Aeronautics:

  • Ideal for those interested in aviation and aircraft technology.
  • Offers career paths in aerospace engineering, aircraft maintenance, and aviation management.

7. Bachelor of Design (B.Des):

  • Pursue design disciplines like Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, or Interior Design.
  • Design professionals combine creativity with technical skills to create innovative products and spaces.

8. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Data Science:

  • With the rise of data-driven decision-making, data scientists analyze and interpret data to inform business strategies.

9. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electronics:

  • Focus on electronics and communication systems.
  • Electronics engineers work in sectors like telecommunications, consumer electronics, and robotics.

10. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Biotechnology:

  • Combine biology and technology to work in areas like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and research.

Remember that the choice of course should align with your interests, strengths, and long-term goals. Research each course thoroughly, considering factors like curriculum, industry trends, and potential job opportunities. Additionally, many of these courses might offer specializations or interdisciplinary options that can further tailor your education to your interests.

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