5 Awesome Bakery Marketing Strategize You Will Thank Us For

Are the falling sales driving you crazy? Worried that you will have to shut down your dream bakery even though you serve top-notch items?

Most likely, you have gotten your marketing wrong and if the customers never hear about, they won’t be lining up outside the door either. To help you improve, we covered some tried and tested marketing tricks.

Let’s dig right into them

Tip 1: Become regular with posting photos

The one thing most bakeries are known for is having fresh food on their display every day, right? Just like that, your social media should also be updated with fresh content every day.

You can easily shoot good-quality photos with your mobile phone but I would strongly recommend investing in a DSLR and some lighting gear.

The goal of posting so frequently is to remind your customers to order that yummy new cake you just baked or try out that new flavor of muffins. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to showcase the wide variety of goods your bakery produces.

Tip 2: Start a contest

Have you ever come across bakeries running contests on their Instagram or Facebook pages? You probably even participated and won some lip-smacking freebies to taste. And now, it is your turn to get in on the action.

These contests can range from having your followers’ name songs with flavors like vanilla in it to writing their baking story or even a simple lottery. With these contests, you give the followers the feeling of being part of your brand and connect in a different way.

Also, it will not just give you additional followers but also potential clients in the hundreds.

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Tip 3: Host events

We aren’t just telling you to host events related to your products but even workshops and baking classes. This will give you a platform where you interact with the community face to face and even teach them a thing or two.

To announce any upcoming events and get RSVP from fans, use the Facebook events tab. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms for bakeries mainly because of this feature and acts as a reminder for people so they don’t miss out on that awesome cake event or classes.

Tip 4: Networking with the existing competition

We are sure you have been told this before, competition is good. And why not, healthy competition ensures you maintain quality and the high standards customers expect from a top-notch bakery. At the same time, it also motivates you to experiment and come up with your creative recipes.

But that is not the only benefit of networking with bakery owners around you. It also gives you an idea of what is hot-selling and what you need to change.

Marketing can be a challenge for any new bakery owner as most baking school never talk about it barring a few bakery classes in Delhi like Truffle Nation where you learn to run ads, set up pages and so on. So if you really want to run a profitable business, make sure you now know just where you should be.


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