How to Pair Walnuts in the Tastiest Ways

Are you one of those people that go for the desserts first? Desserts are absolute bliss and whether I am baking or eating desserts one of my favorite ingredients is Walnut. Not only does it give any dessert much-needed crunchiness but increase health quotient as they are rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 and healthy fats.

In fact, Walnuts are known by experts as the ‘Brain Food’ and can even help fight depression. But make yummy desserts with them you have to use them in the right combinations and here are some walnut combinations that will never let you down.

1. Apple and Walnuts

With Apple and Walnuts, you just cannot go wrong. These two ingredients have been paired in a number of recipes of the years such as walnut cakes, apple pies, etc.

One of the reasons why this combo works so well is because apple has a certain amount of acidness which when teamed with the walnuts any dessert the perfect balance. Not to forget, your desserts get a healthier twist as well.

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2. Caramel and Walnuts

This is hands down one of my most favorite walnut combinations. If you love eating walnuts you will notice that it has a slightly earthy and bitter flavor which means combining it with something as sweet as caramel, gives any dessert a great balance.

Well, this isn’t as guilt-free as apple and walnuts but trust me, one bite of any dessert with this combo and you will be having more cheat days than usual.

Here’s a walnut caramel mousse cake that is sure to be a hit at any party or even a bakery.


3. Cinnamon and Walnuts

If you thought walnuts go with only fruits and chocolate, you will be pleasantly surprised by how well a spice like cinnamon and walnuts combine. In fact, this combination is what makes carrot cake so lip-smackingly good.

And if you live in slightly colder regions then a bite of cinnamon walnut cake along with some hot coffee as you sit by the bonfire with your bae is all the warmth you will need to beat the cold.

4. Banana and Walnuts

If you haven’t thrown some walnuts on top of your banana bread then you are missing out on the best version of it. Second, only to apple and walnuts, banana and walnuts are not just yummy together but also very healthy and both are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

And if you are bored with banana bread, then try making these banana and walnut pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.


5. Date and Walnut

Last but not least on the list is another healthy walnut combo and just like cinnamon and walnut, this combo also perfect for winter months.

Dates are rich in antioxidants and can also help reduce BP and blood sugar which makes them a great sugar substitute in desserts and cakes. They are also known to boost brain functioning which means when you have them with walnuts, there’s no stopping you from being the smartest person in the room.


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